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Ramrod Part Three - Cowboy

Hey! Am I experiencing a déjà vu or what? Wasn’t the previous installment of Target Studios' Ramrod already called 'Cowboy'?

Well, yes. Definitely. But why, if the previous booklet was such a turn on, change a success formula? Plus, it seems that there was still quite some footage left over from the shooting of the other magazine. It is obvious that for this publication Target Studios used unreleased material from the lustful desert shoot that Ramrod 2 is compiled of, but who would blame them? It is the same material from the 1976 film Hard Rocks (coinciding with the publication of this magazine it was re-released in 1978 as Cowpokes) that these scenes come from, and this time the models are also officially introduced in a neat title page. So now we know that this wonderfully rigid cowboy cock belongs to John Colby, and that he performs well next to Will Seagers and Peter Bolt.

A model who really captured my attention, however, is the virtually unknown Paul Standish. The way he leans against the tree or the rocks with his pulsing member in his hand is really enthralling. It is too bad that there is nothing to be found about him whatsoever, for he must really be one of the few examples of male perfection.

The formula of this Ramrod installment is the same as the first and the second. Although it is quite clear that the models have a good sexy time with each other, the magazine itself is mostly soft core. Mostly, I say, because in the third Ramrod the boundaries between soft and hardcore keep getting pushed. The manner in which the throbbing members are pictured leaves very little to be guessed. Even though the studio goes to great length to avoid showing actual penetration, the feel of the magazine is one of pure lust and hardcore sex. And this, I believe, is what makes such a publication so wonderful: it isn’t too tame, but it also enables the lustful onlooker’s fantasy to run wild.

Here’s the full deal of Ramrod Part 3 - Cowboy

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